a roll of colour film. it's a big jumble of many days and events.
some sort of folding occurred before/during development of my film so the first frame has a big red splotch. i got a new film scanner (look at all the little dust specks on my film)

this is my home. the sky is so so blue.

some goats

okay, so that was many goats.

executioners rock



fernando and anita's house




the food, oh the food. and yet the most delicious thing i ate (debonairs pizza), i didn't take pictures of.

i've got a couple of rolls of film to develop. there may or may not be food in them too. also, i discovered that i left a roll of 6400 film in my backpack while i went through airport security so i guess i've lost those 36 photos of some evening. womp womp.

last couple of days.

the areas around my house where i used to go running.

musa cooking dinner

i went to a drag race that night. it was cold and i was nervous for the cars and the people. look, plants.

saw anele the next day. had ribs.

drove to joburg. we stopped at a filling station in between swaziland and joburg.

the rhino gave no fucks and stood in the feeding trough and ate.

from left to right: joburg, where we were, mbabane. circled because i'm considerate!


my favourite day in swaziland.
we drove to sibebe in the morning. fun fact #1: i've climbed sibebe twice. spent the morning and afternoon along the mbuluzi river at the base of sibebe. fun fact #2: i was in mbuluzi house in primary school; we wore yellow shirts. it's dry season so the water was pretty low. fun fact #3: this is one of the first places my dad took me to when i moved to swaziland.

i almost fell forward while taking this

beibei climbed down to the bottom of the waterfall but then he got stuck. he eventually took off his shoes and walked through the water, which doesn't sound like it would be a big deal but the sand was littered with broken glass.

i found crab claws (and acquired new elephant hair rings)

there were hundreds of holes in the rocks. i liked them.

we then went to our primary school, sifundzani. we met some caretaking staff. i recognized a few of them, which was kind of surreal. it's been 11 years since i went to school here.

school isn't in session right now though.

spent the rest of the afternoon at mantenga falls.

executioners rock (again)

beibei was tired

beibei's little orange car (that you've seen many times by now)