another summer, another wooded adventure.
about 10 of us escaped to the wilderness.
there was much nature. a mosquito bit the bottom of my foot (it's okay, i killed him).
i didn't take many photos; the days were too sunny and the nights too incandescent.
but here are some anyway.

i took it upon myself to turn the hammock into a cocoon. i succeeded. but then he hatched.

what is this bottle?????

ghostie in the woods

sunset picture time

selfie time

creepy time...

much chin

"theres an ant on your lens!"

hello little friend.

NEW EVENING. sunset time again!


what a beautiful earth we live on.


the december wedding. it's been almost 5 months and i just remembered that i haven't posted these.
i guess i should preface this by saying that the bride is a dear friend and coworker, which hopefully explains a few of the more casual photos here.
let's start, shall we?

a few of us arrived at noon. we had lunch at the resort, which was on a mountain. in hindsight, it felt like i was in literal heaven, which is strange considering im not particularly spiritual or religious. there was this dizzying ethereal glow about the place (perhaps it was simply bright sunlight) and everything felt like a hazy dream. im trying to not romanticize but at the same time, the combination of nerves, anxiety, and being in a place as lavish as this has clouded my memory quite a bit. also, if i don't romanticize a wedding on a mountaintop overlooking the pacific, then what should i romanticize?

lunch with the bride

i had passion fruit shrimp something (courtesy of my phone camera). the waiter dropped two plates of burgers on/next to me when we were being served, but thankfully nothing fully landed on me.

and then we left to set up

the ceremony was going to be held here, but storm clouds were already rolling over the sky.

got her hair did

makeup, dress. hi! (sidenote: how tanned was i?!)

a glitter shoe.

then it began to rain, which was all at once breathtaking and disappointing.

finishing touches

and then we went out to greet guests.

it kept raining and it was glorious.



bride and groom with their respective maid of honour and best man

this was my seat. it was a little strange being both a guest and a photographer. while i had a seat designated for me at a table with the bride's U of T friends, i didn't sit there all that much.

the lights drove me a little crazy because they were unpredictable and cast colours sporadically everywhere, and did a lot of this business unexpectedly:


such merriment.

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