goats, man. such cuties. so happy.


it's been 9.5 years.
and now i'm back. in my old house. i'm home.
although, what is home to me, really, at this point?

things have changed but they feel familiar, like relatives you've only seen old pictures of.
it feels like i never left. as if the last decade didn't exist.
it's bizarre to be remembered everywhere i go.

let's start with some photos from yesterday shall we?

went to my first grade teacher's guest house. its on the same mountain as my old house.

got lunch at a seafood place

house on fire

on our way home, we got a flat.

called for help. none came. so we did it ourselves.


24 hour plane journeys are no fun. this 12 hour plane ride was like an accelerated full day. we had lunch, dinner and breakfast all within 3 hours of each other. this man here got super drunk and hit on every flight attendant.

first purchase. gotta be meat.

the little jet that took me to matsapha


im home! everything still smells the same. it's a little surreal.




everything i need, i already have.
i forget that too frequently lately, it seems.

an expired roll of film. a perfect day.
sloppy cropping ahead.

friends keep me sane and happy.





toronto turned on as we watched

back to the ferry

lightning and shaky hands

new evening, garden party.
margarita and new shoes (thanks sean i love you)


i'm tremendously grateful.


another summer, another wooded adventure.
about 10 of us escaped to the wilderness.
there was much nature. a mosquito bit the bottom of my foot (it's okay, i killed him).
i didn't take many photos; the days were too sunny and the nights too incandescent.
but here are some anyway.

i took it upon myself to turn the hammock into a cocoon. i succeeded. but then he hatched.

what is this bottle?????

ghostie in the woods

sunset picture time

selfie time

creepy time...

much chin

"theres an ant on your lens!"

hello little friend.

NEW EVENING. sunset time again!


what a beautiful earth we live on.