it's funny because once you get here, it's a lot different from what you expected or anticipated.

high school is over. it was over 7 weeks ago, but it still hasnt fully registered with me yet. i'm still seeing the same people i've always seen and doing what i've always done.
as much as i don't want to leave a lot of people behind, it's good. change is good; change is healthy. it's been an amazing 4 years, and that's hard to let go of sometimes.

i miss mike. i'm so grateful he came along for those 2 weeks in china. i usually hate traveling with someone, and that fact still stands, but he was the best traveling companion i could ever ask for. especially in china where i'm kind of incompetent. my new mission is to get him to come visit me in toronto with james.

i leave you today with a photo of hazmat-suit wearing officials who scanned my forehead in search of swine flu:

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