so after the year long photoless break, i'm getting back into the swing of things, slowly but surely. i decided i wanted to shoot my friend alanna a week ago, and knew exactly what i wanted to do with her. i dance my life away with her on weekends to forget about the chemistry course we're both taking. alanna leaps over everybody, quite literally as she's a hurdler, and likes to impersonate guppies.
she'll make you fall in love with her.

more soon...

this heat is killing me.

we have a week left of lectures!!!!!!!!!!!



Shirin said...

Holy Amy and Alanna, these pics are absolutely gorgeous!! :)

Eusong said...

great work!! I actually often come to your blog and check stuff!! haha, very glad to see yours! awesome amy!

LFC94 said...

Wow these pics are soo cool. Your great models.