i bought a new slr. canon elan 7e. so in the spirit of my new purchase, here's a roll i developed a few days ago (although not taken by said new camera). they date back to april because the camera ran out of battery halfway through the roll and i never got around to buying new batteries until recently.

easter weekend of 2010, ashley doug alanna and i decided to have a night of indulgence. if my memory serves me well, we all went to marble slab after dinner to have overpriced icecream.

my margarita was underwhelming. probably because i thought i ordered a FROZEN margarita, only to be disappointed with no slush.

i made ashley hold my drink because it looked too boring without the drink.

and that concludes the time before the batteries died on me.

andrea martin and i went out to go shopping and get martin a haircut. it was a cold cold day.

andrea really likes the smell of soap.

we finally found refuge in the korean grillhouse. korean barbecue is a godsend.

that concludes my roll. i have a roll of bw to develop once the darkroom opens again.

oh, happy new year.


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