remember that roll of film from back in january 2013? i don't either, but i found it the other day. i haven't the slightest clue what's on it. i guess we'll find out when i stop being forgetful.

this is costa rica. i did a wedding.
i've been sitting on these photos below for about a week now. they are in sequence. somewhat.

dec 13: pearson airport. pale. so pale. blue(ish) hair. lost luggage. "thank you for your patience, do you need another thing?"

dec 14: paradise. waterfalls and beaches. (not very) late night dry heaving and chicken.

*i keep lens caps in my bikini, so that's what that is.

dec 16: crocodiles. rain. volcano. rain. hot springs. rain. rain forever.

first photo is out of place. whoops.

dec 17: national park. too many lizards. never enough sloths. beaches.

dec 20: bored and strange. what.

dec 21: wedding.

dec 22: catamarans. snorkelling. sun. fluffy chickens and angry parrots.

there were more but i feel this has been... enough (for now). photos from the wedding will be posted in a bit.

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