exams are in 2 weeks. i only have 3, but i still end after most of my friends. i've had the busiest day today, darting here and there doing this and that. at noon, i was convinced it was already 8pm, sitting in the basement cutting up this roll of film, which is full of spastic fuzzy photos. the fuzziest i've ever had. looks like i'm not going to be using that strange 0.45x wide angle converter again. it sort of makes everything look like it was taken with a cell phone, actually.

let's begin, shall we

i love this kind of snow. it's like icing on a very elaborate cake. AND it's good for snowball making.

went to sushi with hyunji.

there was a lot of sun.

gave myself a haircut.

kaspar, who took a bunch of out of focus photos in this roll.

working hard (hardly working).

we had a little birthday party for martin and me at kalle and vik's place.

we were supposed to be matching earrings. except THISDAMNFUZZYBULLSHIT doesn't show it. my expression fully expresses how i feel about this.

we meant to go out after, but ended up leaving at 1am, and decided to go to the bar instead.



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