yesterday was a busy day. the weather network had said it would feel like 39 degrees; the sun was shining and the city was humid and smoggy. i'm currently taking a course about birds at school. a portion of our grades is based on a field notebook of birds that we encounter, so we had a field trip to leslie st spit at 9am. by noon, we had seen 17 different species of birds, i'd gotten a nice wifebeater tan, and my shoulder had collapsed from carrying too many things in my bag. after the field trip was done, i headed to campus to see some friends. i'm in the process of labeling the 12 birds i have photos of for my bird entries.
here are some photos from yesterday:

these are cormorants

this is a ring-billed gull

this is a baby killdeer. its mother was trying to distract us away from it.

this is the first time i've used the 55-200mm on the 6d, and the vignetting is crazy, but i kind of like it, though it wouldn't be good for everything.

then i switched back to the 50 1.4... saw lindsay

saw lovely elspeth

and her lovely sister isabel

the end. homework time.

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