over the weekend, i went to prince edward county. and really, i don't have any worthwhile photos from it because i was too preoccupied with writing a paper, but eh, what can you do. we also went to this creepy ass abandoned house, but i didn't take any photos because i was too busy being frightened of the giant vultures perched on top of the barn and belligerent, violent squatters (there weren't any, i just worried there would be).
i still have a roll of colour film from january, but the machine at the place i usually develop my colour film at is broken (and will be forever broken, according to the lady i asked) and i haven't had time to search for somewhere else. it's ok. i'll get it done eventually. 

brandon has a balloon, alex is hard at work, and sean is either winking or grimacing.

meow meow meow meow meow

i spy on people

trudging through the grapes

wine tastings

we went to the beach, but it was cold and windy. 

the end.

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